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Why we're here

Dry Bones Tactical is dedicated to providing top-tier fitness programming at affordable prices to ensure that first responders have access to the best physical training available. We use Tactical Strength and Conditioning principles to structure our fitness regimens. Programming  is broken down into Macrocycles and Mesocycles  designed to optimize physical performance during the times of year when call frequency is at its peak. Regardless of fitness level, we treat all our clients the same as Tactical Athletes. At Dry Bones Tactical, we equip today's heroes to save tomorrow's lives. 

DBT Training Foundation



Optimized for Occupation

DBT programs are designed with your occupation as the priority. We implement movement patterns and train energy systems  most applicable to your industry. 


Low Risk High Reward

Even a minor injury can take a First Responder out of the field. Our programming is designed with high risk-to-reward ratio. No gimmicky or unnecessary exercises are involved! 


Functional Applications

Unlike other fitness programs, we always have a "why" at DBT. Our team will provide frequent detailed updates throughout your training experience. These updates will include why you are doing what you're doing and how it plays into the big picture. Additionally, you will have direct access to individuals who can answer any questions that may arise. 

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