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The "Why" Behind our Programming

This company was built to provide the most cost-effective tactical fitness programming on the market that both enhances one's quality of life and increases resilience to occupational hazards. We understand that is a bold claim which prompts the question, "How will Dry Bones Tactical deliver on that promise?" Outlined below is a generalized overview of what makes DBT programming unique. Our team has spent countless hours designing workouts that add up to an entire year of training. No single workout is performed in isolation without consideration of the long-term goals. Each training session lays a brick in the foundation for your safety, longevity, and performance

Annual Training Outline

2 Macrocycles per Year

  • Preparatory Period (Sept-Nov, Mar-May)

  • Competitive Period (Jun-Aug, Dec-Feb)

Unlike Football, Basketball, or Soccer players, Tactical Athletes do not have a predetermined "Season." This inherently changes a strength and conditioning program because Tactical Athletes must maintain a higher level of preparedness year-round. 

DBT programming includes two Macrocycles per year which are comprised of one "Preparatory" and one "Competitive" period. To oversimplify, the "Competitive" period is where a Tactical Athlete will historically have higher call volume (think Holiday and Summer months). The "Preparatory" is exactly what it sounds like, preparation for the Competitive period. This style of programming ensures that our Tactical Athletes are optimized for peak performance during their busiest times of year. 


  • 3 per Period

Mesocycles are defined by training periods of 2-6 weeks in duration. Each Block (Competitive or Preparatory) will be comprised of three different Mesocycles. These Mesocycles will vary in duration but will be successive in nature starting with Accumulation, then Transmutation, and lastly Realization. This structure allows for optimal performance throughout the calendar year and ensures that programming stays vertically integrated and horizontally sequenced. 

Training Sessions

  • Multiple Training Units per Session

Our training sessions include standardized "Warmup" and "Cooldowns" so each athlete can begin and end their workout the same way every time. These are designed to simultaneously decrease risk of injury, increase flexibility, and improve mobility. The standardization of the "Warmup" and "Cooldown" allow for increased time efficiency to get Tactical Athletes in and out of the gym before or after long shifts. 

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